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Dancing Robot


The robot of joy! This robot brings colorful lights and enjoyment to each and every kid who has one! The flashing lights, dancing brings out the groove in the kids. Features. Electronic Walking Dancing Robot Toys with Music and Lights. Flashing Lights, Colorful Lights for display and entertainment for kids. the robot can easily navigate the area. Dancing Robot does 360 degree spins. Lights up in the dark Includes.

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  • Dancing Naughty Robot with Music, 3D Flashing Lights, Dancing Naughty Robot for Kids, Battery Operated, Multi Color .
  • Robot dances by lifting its legs and hands in the air . Musical Dancing Robot with 3D Flashing Lights . The height of the toy is about 6 inches.
  • Brilliant and Flashing & lightning effect. Best Dancing Toy Robot for kids.
  • Wonderful sound track and well choreographed robotic dancing movements.
  • It Dances On The Songs By Lifting Its Legs And Hands In The Air.

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Weight 0.42 kg
Dimensions 7 × 12 × 20 cm


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